Company Profile

Established in 2005, JobEngrace is company that provides total solar lighting solutions to Ghana and other parts of Africa. The company is a wholesaler /retailer of affordable, resilient, solar lamps of all kinds specially designed to make use of the abundant light in tropical regions of the world. The company was established with the vision of reducing the economic well as environmental consequence of using fossil fuel like kerosene and diesel through the provision of alternative source lighting in the form of solar powered items such as Lamps Streets lights Garden and home lights Roof panels etc.

The idea is to provide them with a cleaner, cheaper, and safer form of lighting for the developing world. Our products can also improve the lives of people who live in locations remote from an electricity grid or can be used in the case of natural disasters. The company is based in Germany with representatives in the UK, and Ghana. Our suppliers include manufacturers from Germany and China. Mr. J. B Obeng, Chief Executive Stuttgart, Germany