The Sucessful Student - Introduction

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" Prov. 29:18b (KJV) The law of clear vision states that in order to hit a target, you need to see it clearly. A successful student is the one who knows where he/she has to direct his/her zeal. The Sucessful Student

"Zeal without knowledge can be very dangerous, meaningless and a waste of time" Interestingly, if you ask successful students what has really enabled them get to where they are academically, they will talk about a goal, a dream, a mission, a purpose- something that has been motivating them throughout the years to become what they have finally become. Sadly most students never look beyond themselves and at what they could be. The poorest student in the academic scene is the one who doesn't have a vision.

One of the main differences between a successful and unsuccessful student is that; a successful student is motivated by future dreams while an unsuccessful student is only motivated by today. To be a successful student your reasons for wanting to study play an important role. It is imperative to understand that studying is demanding. You need good reasons for doing it. These reasons will act as your driving force and keep you motivated. If you know why you are studying, you are more likely to stand in times of difficulties and pressures. Remember that if you don't have a dream- a goal and a purpose in your academic life- you can never become a successful student.

Ebenezer Acheampong

The Sucessful Student - Recommendation

The Successful Student is a book of hope and challenge that students will read and re-read, and have it as reference book at all times, one that is destined to become a classic ,treasured by generation of students. I believe it will inspire, motivate, and encourage all forms of students to live up to expectation. The most precious jewel in this book is the application of biblical principles. Indeed a God fearing and compassionate writer is born for today's students. Let's call him Ebenezer Acheampong.

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